Mission Statement

To deliver unparalleled Engineering Services to our clients enabling DEEPDELTA to become a trusted and reliable name in the Oil and Gas Sector

Vision Statement

To be a brand name of repute in the provision of Equipment Inspection & Training services in NIGERIA

Business Strategies

Deepdelta Energy Services limited has a tradition rooted in adhering to safe and sound Engineering Practices. This is made possible by the enviable group of professional human and material resources at the disposal of the company

Corporate Quality Objectives

• To have a clear understanding of client and other requirements that enables us to provide products/ services of world-class quality that is improved continually;

• To continually increase our market share in our core business areas in the Nigerian oil and gas industry;

• To involve and develop our employees into the most professional and fully committed to quality team in the industry;

• To continually review our product/service delivery requirements and achievements in order to identify opportunities for product/service quality improvements;

• To conduct our operations in conformance with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements (e.g. safety, environment)

Client Services

Work procedures for the various activities of the Company’s operations are prepared to meet Local and International Standards. Particular attention is paid to ensuring the environment is not adversely impacted due to the Company’s activities. Qualified Engineers and Professionals are engaged for efficient delivery of our services

Health, Safety & Environment

As an Equipment Inspection company, Deepdelta Energy is committed to providing a safe and healthful work environment for its employees. At Deepdelta Energy, the safety of our employees and the protection of the environment are considered the highest values. Values, unlike priorities, do not change